Recently, there has been a surge of people considering Russian mail order brides in Canada. This is a service that allows men to find women, usually from poorer countries seeking refuge in America. While it is possible that it is simply that some Canadians like Russian women, the facts involved with mail order brides cannot be ignored.

Every day, hundreds of women are solicited as mail order brides, only seeking admittance into a country that offers better opportunities. Often times, a divorce follows, causing divorce rates to rise for all involved. While this service takes women away from their poverty- ridden lives, many are hesitant about the process involved.

Recently, all newly married couples from the service have had mandatory living agreements, requiring the couple to stay together for as long as their lease lasts. This tactic has proved to have mixed results, differing between each individual.

There have been some cases of positive results with Russian mail order brides in Canada, ending in love and companionship. Women leave poverty stricken situations, in exchange for a better chance in life. The couples put together through this service flourish and live happily, building their lives together. It can be claimed that it is simply that Americans and Canadians like Russian women, and other women different from their own cultures, allowing for a case of ‘opposites attract’. This service offers rewards to those seeking to use the service to benefit everyone involved in the process. However, this is not always the case.

Other known cases from this service have turned out situations varying from remaining friends, from divorce with no contact, to abusive relationships that harm nearly everyone involved in the marriage. The first choice is obviously preferred, but this is not always the case. People have been known to use this service in harmful ways, abusing and controlling the Russian woman in question. While with this surge of the mail order service can certainly be seen that simply Canadians like Russian women, if the service is abused, this claim holds little water.

The services used for Russian mail order brides in Canada stay alive through the multiple websites associated with the process. The main component in the process should be maintaining the safety of the women, ensuring that the service is legitimate and with no hidden agendas or dishonest marketing involved in any factors involved. Russian mail order brides in Canada can be a helpful way for women to achieve better lives and to find happiness, but only if all involved in the service are sincere and helpful.

This mail order service could be seen as Canadians like Russian women, and want to see better for their futures. Some women from poverty using this service are desperate, looking to anyone and anything for support on achieving a better life. The services for Russian mail order brides in Canada and other privileged countries help women escape from their unbearable circumstances, hoping to find a better life and future for themselves.
When used positively, these services help women flourish in society. When used negatively, it could be viewed that Americans and Canadians like Russian women in ways that do not help them in beneficial ways.

Something that one should keep in mind regarding Russian mail order brides in Canada and other countries is that the service some of the time is not as safe as advertised. Women are trafficked and abused, exploited and do not receive the refuge they are seeking. People need to show that Americans and Canadians like Russian women, and do whatever they can to ensure that the process is safe and secure. Russian mail order brides in Canada and other developed countries are protected by the laws that surround them. However, it is always best to check the sources and legitimacy of everything involved with such a serious matter.

Another issue in cases of Russian mail order brides in Canada, America, and other flourished countries is the case of underlying sexism. While it might be a case that Americans and Canadians like Russian women, the service is unbalanced when it comes to equal opportunity in a woman seeking a man via mail order. While this service does exist, there is little chance to seek love, if that is the intention of the intended “buyer”.

The subject of mail order brides is sticky, bringing both positive and negative results. While it can be a chance to help women, sometimes things can become sour and violence can occur. While it is a good thing that selfless Canadians like Russian women and want to see them achieve successful futures, anyone looking to help out a woman in need, or looking for a chance at love, should take preventative safety measures and consider changing their lives forever.