Demand for mail order brides for Canadians is on the upswing as more men look for brides that have the same life goals as they do. However, finding the right woman to share a life with involves more than just placing an order with an agency. This is an important decision and not one to take lightly. There are ways to ensure that the right mail order brides are placed with the right grooms.

1. Ask About Your Bride’s Family

Find a bride with a similar background. Are you part of a large family? Did you spend summers in the country with scores of cousins? It is worth asking what your bride’s background is, and whether she has had similar family values instilled as you.

2. Do Your Futures Look Similar?

Whether or not you both want children is a critical question to ask. Another important discussion is whether you would both prefer a two-income household or a stay at home spouse. These may seem like obvious questions, but there is no quicker recipe for misery than neglecting to ask them.

3. Do Your Due Diligence

Ask your bride some basic background questions, including information about any past marriages and any financial obligations. Ending up with an angry ex at your door or an angry bill collector calling nonstop will be a very unromantic start to married life.

4. Start Learning The Language

Whether chatting online or by telephone, when you are speaking with women who may become your wife it will be a huge sign of respect towards them if you learn even a little bit of their language. It will also be easier than using a translator at every conversation. You’ll also likely spend some time in their country, as you will have to be married in order for your bride to qualify for a Canadian visa, so it will make your life easier to be able to communicate as well.

5. Meet In Person At Least Once

Before finalizing a selection it is wise to meet at least once. Someone who seems perfect on paper may still not click in real life.

6. Why Are They Becoming A Bride?

Are they looking for love and companionship, or just a roof over their head? If the only reason they are marrying is for financial reasons that may be a red flag. Remember, if the marriage falls apart immediately after your bride arrives in Canada, you will be on the hook for any public assistance given by the Canadian government. Do your homework!

7. Are They Excited About Your Culture?

Canadians looking for mail order brides need someone who will not only embrace them, but embrace their new country too. If your new bride stays home all day and makes no friends, she will be miserable and that misery will leak over to your relationship. If she likes watching sports with you and exploring her new city, so much the better.

8. Physical Attraction Counts

While it is certainly not everything, marrying someone you are attracted to physically and who is also attracted to you is important as well. Without attraction, a relationship quickly becomes a platonic friendship.

9. Don’t Rush

Get to know your future bride a bit. Though it may be through a translator, it is still possible to get a feel for whether your are a good match. Marriage is for a lifetime. Find out whether you’re truly compatible.

10. Play The Field

Before making your final decision, it’s ok to chat with several different women and find the one that you click with the best. It’s even a good idea to meet with two or three different women in person before finalizing a decision. Again, this is a huge decision.